Our Process

The Chip Doctor Difference.

Windshield repair, also known as rock chip repair, is a process wherein a resin is injected into a chipped or cracked portion of a windshield, with the goals of reducing the visibility of the damage and preventing the damage from becoming worse with time.

We will inspect damage for loose glass, dirt, and presence of moisture. If moisture is present, use of a specialized "moisture evaporator" will be used until chip damage is completely dry.
We may drill into the damaged area to make sure tight cracks are connected to impact area.

Using a special injector, we inject an acrylic resin and displace air through alternating pressure and vacuum cycles. We then cure the resin with an ultraviolet light to harden and bind it to the glass, restoring the integrity of the windshield.

We aim to provide an 80-90% visual improvement through this process. There may still be a small filled drill hole and other slightly visible damage, but customers usually find that they don't notice the remaining visible damage unless they are deliberately looking for it. In addition, the chip should be fully protected from spreading any further, avoiding further damage to the window.

Any repairs we perform are warrantied to not spread or "crack out" for as long as you own your vehicle. Additionally, should the repair process fail (less than 1% of cases), there will be -no charge for the service, even if the failure is at a later date. We fully stand behind our work and nearly 20 years of experience in the windshield repair industry.

We accept cash, check, credit, and debit cards. Additionally, most insurance companies cover the cost of repair with a comprehensive/full coverage policy. If customer elects to have insurance pay for repair, shop will bill according to pricing set by third party networks.